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St. Matthew’s Parish Celebrates 150 Years

St. Matthew’s Parish in Campbellsport has been celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Many activities have been held already, with the last one being held this weekend.
To learn more about the beginning of the parish and the program this Saturday, Nov. 1, check out this week’s Campbellsport News.


Campbellsport Post Office Set To Deliver Packages on Sunday

Don’t be surprised to see a letter carrier on your front door step on a Sunday. Because of increased package growth, the Campbellsport Postal Service started delivering packages on October 26.
To learn more about this, check out this week’s Campbellsport News on newsstands now.

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images/Color Burst.jpg

 Elza Keceli looked very cute in her Halloween costume while attending the annual Halloween Caper in Campbellsport on Friday, Oct. 24. Little Elza needed the shopping cart to help her walk, so it made the perfect costume for her. The Halloween Caper was a huge success again this year with hundreds of children and adults having fun with the many activities that were available. The fun didn’t stop on Friday night as children walked around the Village of Campbellsport on Saturday, Oct. 25, Trick or Treating. The beautiful weather made it the perfect Halloween weekend. To see more photos from the Halloween Caper and Trick or Treat, check out this week’s Campbellsport News.

photo by Andrea Hansen Abler


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