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Welcome to the Campbellsport News, Campbellsport's hometown newspaper!

Every week the Campbellsport News brings you news about the people you care for. Hitting the newsstand Wednesday and delivered to your doorstep Thursday, the Campbellsport News offers complete coverage of local events. Even if you are not a resident of the "Village of Campbellsport," a subscription to the Campbellsport News can make you feel like Campbellsport is your hometown!

Campbellsport Easter Bag Hunt Scheduled For April 19th
The Easter Bunny is coming to town! The Campbellsport Area Chamber of Commerce will be holding its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19. The hunt will start in the National Exchange Bank parking lot at 1 p.m. sharp.

School Board Approves Retirement and Resignations
The Campbellsport Board of Education approved one retirement and two resignations during its Monday, April 7, meeting. All three will be effective at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.
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images/St. Lawrence Fire.jpg

  Sisters from the School Sisters of St. Francis (SSSF) and a few local residents bless the Sisters cemetery and the sign that signifies this part of the Campbellsport cemetery on Saturday, April 5. About 60 SSSF from Latin America, India and Germany were visiting Campbellsport on Saturday to learn about the history of the SSSF and visit St. Joseph Convent.
-photo by Andrea Hansen Abler


The Campbellsport News focuses on many of the important things that go on in Campbellsport and its surrounding areas. The News does this by publishing special sections included in the weekly newspaper several times a year.

These sections include the high school sports section, high school graduation section, a spring and fall visitor section, a bridal section, March Mania, Spring Spectacular, Dynamite Deals, Holiday Kick-Off and Christmas Greetings.

By publishing these sections, Campbellsport area residents can be informed on the different things going on in their area and the special deals area businesses are offering. These sections are included free of charge in the Campbellsport News.


Did you know... The Campbellsport News is owned by Wisconsin Free Press? Wisconsin Free Press owns and operates the Campbellsport News, and the Dodge County Pionier? In this day and age of newspaper buyouts and mergers, these publications remain locally and independently owned and operated. The staff at the Campbellsport News is proud to continue in the tradition of serving its community in the same independent spirit on which it was founded back in 1906.



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